Aalu Methi | Potato Fenugreek Curry - Simple yet yummy!!!

Now, this veggie is pretty common in Northern India, but practically unheard of in rest of India!!! I had never heard of or tasted, Aalu Methi (AKA Potato Fenugreek) till I got married and my MIL whipped up this simple but tasty sabzi one day!!!
The thing about Aalu methi is that, though it is predominantly made in northern states, it has a universal appeal...
Prove, you may ask...So let me tell you, I am a Gujarati, but when I had it first time, I really liked it!!! Ditto for my brother. Also my colleagues in Hyderabad, who were from different states (Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu) enjoyed Aalu methi, whenever I carried it for  lunch!!! Simple lunch of Aalu Methi, Curd and Roti can be very fulfilling and of course it is very healthy...Give it a try...

(Enough for lunch for 2 people)
4 Big Potatoes
2 cups of Methi (Fenugreek) cleaned, wahsed and chopped
2 Tablespoon oil (you can increase/decrease oil as per your liking)
Salt to taste
3 pinches black pepper powder
1 tablespoon Dhania-Jeera powder (Coriander seeds powder)

1) Separate methi leaves from the stem. You can include tender stems, but discard harder, more mature stems.
This is how you separate leaves from harder stems

2) Now cut the leaves.
Cut the leaves
3) Wash methi in enough water for 4-5 times, or till you see no dirt in water. This should be around 4 Cups of methi leaves.
4) Peel and cut potatoes in big chunks.
5) In a thick bottomed pan, add oil and heat it, then add potatoes and salt. Mix and cook covered on low flame for 5 minutes.
6) Now add cleaned and washed methi leaves, mix well and cover.
Mix with potatoes and cook covered
7) Cook till potatoes are tender, then add Chili powder, black pepper powder and dhania-jeera powder. Mix well. Keep stirring for about 2-3 minutes.

And you are ready to serve Aalu Methi!!!

1) You can increase or decrease the amount of Methi as per your liking.
2) My MIL uses Dhania powder only, but I add Dhania Jeera powder because i normally store it. You can use any of these.

Aalu Methi | Potato Fenugreek
Aalu Methi | Potato Fenugreek

Aalu Methi | Potato Fenugreek
Aalu Methi | Potato Fenugreek 

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