Black forest cake

My friend and neighbour P made this on her daughter T’s birthday. I loved it. So she let me assist her next time she made it and I learnt it :). Later i made it on P's birthday to surprise her and hubby so loved it that i had to bake another one for him....

Personally I like it better then outside cakes…..

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake


Basic chocolate cake

Cherries – deseeded and cut in small pieces (when fresh Cherries are not available you can use tinned cherries or cherry jam or skip this)

Whipped cream (we used Rich’s whip topping)

Sugar syrup


1)  Bake the basic Chocolate cake. Here is the recipe.

2)  Then cut it in 2 horizontal layers, you will need a big sharp knife for this otherwise it may break. If you don't want to cut the cake then you can bake 2-3 thin cakes separately and then assemble it.

3)  Take the Whipped cream and whip it till it is fluffy enough, it should not drip when you hold your beater up. (We used Rich’s Whip topping, it had sugar in it. If you are using any other brand then you may want to check if extra sugar needs to be added)

4)  De-seed and cut cherries in small pieces.

5)  Now, cover a big enough plate with Aluminium foil and put the 1st layer of the cake on it.

6)  Sprinkle sugar syrup on that. To make the sugar syrup, you should mix sugar with same amount of water (by volume), P added brandy to this, but it is optional.

7)  After that apply the whipped cream on the 1st layer. Apply generously, more the cream, more the taste :)

8)  On top of this sprinkle the cut cherries evenly. If using jam then spread the jam on this layer. If not using cherries in any form then skip this step.

9)  Put another layer of cake and repeat the procedure, i.e. sugar syrup, whipped cream and cherries.

10) Once all layers of the cake are done, apply cream on the sides of the cake as well, to give to proper shape after applying cream you can use flat spatula or another Aluminium foil. You can decorate it with grated chocolate, chocolate wafers, cherries, chocolate sauce or anything you think will suit it.

 Refrigerate for half an hour. And Enjoy...

+techie ZM

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