Masala Puri / Jeera Mitha ni Puri

This one is from my mom, and it is my all time favorite.

It is oh so simple to make and tasty to eat. It is hit with almost everybody i know including Zini. These puris also make a very convenient travel food (They stay ok till 2 days), i normally make these while travelling with Zini. They are also great lunch box item. The lunch box with puri in it, always returns empty :)

And if you don't want to fry then you can make bhakhari out of it. that too tastes yummy.

Do give them a try, Kids love them :)


1 Cup whole wheat flour
Salt to taste
Red Chilli powder - 1/2 teaspoon (you can increase or decrease this as per your taste)
Hing - 1 pinch
Dhania-Jeera Powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Ajwain - 1/2 teaspoon
Oil (for mixing) - 4 tablespoon
Water to knead the dough
Oil for frying


1) In a mixing bowl (or paraat/Kathrot) take the wheat flour.

2) Now, add salt, chilli powder, hing, dhania-jeera powder, turmeric and ajwain to it. (Crush the ajwain using your hands for better aroma).

3) Mix well. Now, make a well in the center of flour and add oil. Mix well.

4) Using water, knead a tight dough. (It should not sticky, you should be able to roll out the puris without applying extra flour to it)
The Dough
5) Heat the oil in Kadai for frying.

6) Roll out small puris using your chakla belan and fry them in the oil.

Eat with Chundo, Achar, Chutney, ketchup, Tea/Coffee, milk, curry (basically anything that you can think of) or just like that :)

Masala Puris
Masala Puri

You can also make the crispy version of these puris (They stay ok for a week!!!). For that you have to put small cuts on the rolled out puri using a knife. and then fry on a medium flame till the puris turn a little redish in colour.

If you are not keen on frying then make bhakharis out of them. Here is how to (I have added the pics of simple bhakhari - masala bhakhari will look yellow in colour- but the procedure remains same) :

1) Heat a tawa on the gas stove.

2) Roll out round bhakharis using your chakla belan(Of the same size of roti, but a little thicker than rotis)

The rolled out bhakhari
The rolled out bhakhari
3) Now, grease the tawa with little oil.

4) Put the bhakhari on the tawa, carefully.

Bhakhri on a greased Tava
Bhakhri on a greased Tava

5) let it cook on one side.

6) Flip it using a spatula (Tavetho/Chaletho/Palta)

7) let it cook on the other side also.

Flipped and cooking on the other side
Flipped and cooking on the other side
8) Now apply oil on both the sides of the bhakhari (you can skip this step, but it reduces the yummyness of the bhakhari)

9) roast on the tawa while pressing the bhakhari using the same spatula or a cloth (or Datto as traditionally used).

Roasting using the traditional Datto (you can use a cloth also)
Roasting using the traditional Datto (you can use a cloth also)
10) Do this on both the sides of bhakhari.

Again you can have it with any thing you can think of...

+techie ZM

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