Everybody loves pizza, but it is the ultimate junk food!!! So what do we do??!

The solution is to make homemade pizza and using the whole wheat pizza base. So i have been trying for some time to make a tasty home made pizza but while my family liked it, didn't find it great :(

Finally, i saw the recipe of pizza sauce on R's Mom's blog and tried it. And that's the one everybody at home is in love with :) This is how the pizza with it looks like...

Homemade pizza
Homemade pizza

So now this the recipe i follow to make home made pizza :)


For Sauce (is enough for 4 pizzas of medium size)

3 medium sized onions (Finely cut)
5 big Tomatoes (pressure cooked/microwaved and peeled)
Green Chilli (1 finely cut or ground to paste)
5 Garlic pods (crushed or finely cut)
2-3 pinches Oregano
2-3 pinches Chili flakes
1/2 teaspoon Mixed Italian herbs (Optional)
1/2 teaspoon Pepper
1/2 cup Tomato ketchup (you can add more if you like)
1 cube grated cheese (Cheddar or any other that you like)
Salt to taste
Sugar 2 teaspoon
3 tablespoon Oil

For Topping

Tomatoes (diced, cut in rings or finely cut whatever you prefer)
Onions (diced, cut in rings or finely cut whatever you prefer)
Capsicum (diced, cut in rings or finely cut whatever you prefer)
Salt to taste
Mixed italian herbs
1 tablespoon Oil
Any other veggie you want to add
Grated Cheese (i used Cheddar, you can use mozzarella or any other cheese of your choice)
Pizza base (ready made or homemade)


1) Take the oil in a kadai, add finely cut onions, green chili and garlic and saute...

2) Meanwhile take the boiled and peeled tomatoes and make pulp out of it (using hand mixer or any other mixer)

3) Once the onions in the kadai turn light brown, add tomato pulp to it.

4) Let it cook till oil separates. then add salt, pepper, oregano, chili flakes, italian herbs and sugar.

5) Cook for a minute or 2. Then add tomato ketchup.

6) Add 1 cube grated cheese. let this cook for 5 mins and your Pizza sauce is ready!!!

7) In another Kadai, take the oil and add diced onions for topping, saute them for 1 min and take out (leaving oil in the kadai). they should remain crunchy. Sprinkle salt, pepper (2 pinches), oregano (to taste), mixed italian herb (to taste).

8) Repeat step 7 for all the veggie toppings you are planning.

9) Meanwhile preheat your oven to 210 degree c.

10) Take the pizza base, apply the pizza sauce generously, arrange the veggie toppings generously, sprinkle 1 cube of grated cheese (you can do less or more, your wish)..

11) Bake in the pre-heated oven at 210 degree c for 7-8 mins (but please keep an eye on your pizza while it's cooking)

And enjoy the home made healthy tasty pizza!!!


1) You can bake the pizza on the tawa also. For that as R's mom has suggested, you should put the prepared pizza on the hot tawa (or flat pan) and cover it. let it cook till the cheese melts and the bottom of the pizza is also cooked. This way it cooks faster.

2) You can get creative and use different toppings like paneer, olive, mushroom etc (don't forget to saute them before putting on the pizza).

+techie ZM

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