Masala Bread - An Indianised bread with Fenugreek!!!

I have been haunting Revathi's place for some time now...And her bread recipes are awesome!! This one is completely inspired by her recipe...When i saw her Masala bread recipe, i was itching to make it!! Adding methi to the bread sounded soooo exciting and i am glad i did it!!

The bread was amazing!! 1st time i used half of whole wheat and half of maida but next time onwards i used wholewheat only!! and it tastes yumm!!! i also decided to add some Kasoori methi for flavor and believe me it took the bread to whole new level (higher of course :) )!!

The measurements and some of the ingredients are different coz i didn't have access to internet on the day i made it.. but hey, who is complaining?!?! It tasted amazing and i am making it again and again!! Want some?!

Mouthwatering Masala bread - ready to be devoured :)


1.5 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tablespoon yeast
1 tablspoon sugar
1 tablespoon Olive oil for bread
2 tablespoon Olive oil for masala
1 teaspoon salt for bread
1/4 teaspoon salt for masala
1/2 cup fresh methi leaves (fenugreek leaves) - cleaned and roughly chopped
1 small onion - finely cut
1 teaspoon green chili ginger paste
3 garlic cloves peeled and crushed
Pinch of kasoori methi
2-3 pinches of sesame seeds
1 teaspoon of milk for brushing


1) In a kadai (wok) heat oil on medium flame. To that add Onion, green chili ginger paste and crushed garlic.
Masala in the wok - as i was feeling a little lazy, i used garlic powder in place of  fresh garlic
 2) Once the onions turn brown add kasoori methi and salt to the masala, keep stirring for a minute and then turn it off.
3) Take warm water and in that add sugar and yeast. Dissolve well. and keep in a warm place till water level rises and you are sure that yeast is active. Plz refer to my Pav recipe for more details on this.
4) Now in a big bowl, take the whole wheat flour and the masala to it. Also add the salt for bread to this.
5) Add fresh methi leaves to it and mix well.
Masala and methi added to the flour - ready to be kneaded!!
6) Using the yeast sugar water knead the dough. Add extra warm water if needed. Knead in a soft sticky elastic dough.
7) Add Olive oil for bread now.
8) If you have a food processor (or something similar) used its dough hook to give the dough some thorough thrashing. or else do it by hands.
9) Then cover it using a wet kitchen cloth (Or a cling wrap film).
10) Leave it in a warm place till the dough doubles in size (proves).
11) Once it double then knead it again thoroughly. Punch it, thrash it!!!
12) Then, take your bread pan (or any pan) grease it using oil.
13) Roll your dough into the shape of a loaf (or shape of the pan) roll it in sesame seeds and put it in the greased pan and then cover again using your wet kitchen cloth till it proves again.
14) Brush the top of the bread using some milk (or whisked eggs. but i use milk only)
14) Sprinkle some water on the loaf pan and bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes at 180 degree C or till the top becomes brown whatever is earlier.
Baked - Can't wait to break that bread :)
15) Take it out on a wire rack and let it cool.
16) Once cooled cut it and enjoy!!

1) As i said the measurements are not similar as Revathi's recipe. So you too don't need to be too rigid with them..Go wild is what i would suggest.
2) Now that availability of methi is a bit of problem here, i was thinking of trying mint or corriander to replace methi. And then i saw on Revathi's blog and saw that she had already implemented this idea!! So as i said go wild with your imagination and try everything that comes to your mind!!
3) I have realized that this bread tastes better next day.
4) I am thinking of adding some of the mango pickle masala to the bread next time i make it!!

Sending this to Priya's May 2013 edition of Healthy me and Healthy Us event hosted by Jayanthi

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