Strawberry Cream

This is a very simple yet very delicious (& calorie rich) recipe!! First time I saw strawberry cream at Sugaretal and I was intrigued!! Though I am not a fan of strawberry flavor as it reminds me of medicines, but the cream here looked beautiful and luscious!!
It only helped that I had some fresh strawberries at hand hence in place of essence I decided use fresh strawberries. I also gave a miss to food color as I am not particularly fond of using them. But that's the reason my cream looks little paler!! But but i don't mind that.. If you want bright color then plz use the food color.
And the result was this amazing, rich and of course creamy strawberry cream which tasted nothing like medicine and made me rethink my stance on strawberry flavor!! Yeah it was GOOD!!
Originally like Sonali, I planned to fill it in melting moments, but it was so delicious that i just licked the bowl clean, literally!! But yeah, next time I'll fill it in something, probably in melting moments or in little pretty tarts!!
But till then check out this recipe.

6 Fresh strawberries
1/2 cup white butter (unsalted)
5 tablespoon powdered sugar (you can increase or decrease this as per your liking and based on how tart your berries are)

1) Cut the strawberries into big chunks.
2) Mix berries, butter and sugar in a mixer.

And that's it!! Your yummy strawberry cream is ready!!

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