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At some point or other all moms of toddlers face the big feeding problem!! My daughter Zini too sometimes gives me tough time!! On such days she would play, dance, sing, cry but not eat. I have to get all innovative to get her to eat food!!
Some times I cut here breads in pretty shapes using cookie cutters. Some other times I hide cheese in her parathas. And there are times when I let her make her own meal!! You don't believe me?! See for yourself!! This egg curry is so simple that even toddlers can make it!! Well, almost!! Of course you will have to help and supervise them..

Egg Curry
Egg Curry

Egg Curry
Egg Curry

1) Boil one egg and peel it.
2) Cut up some onions, tomatoes and any other veggies of your child's choice. You can let your child cut tomatoes and capsicums.
3) Give your child a toy knife (or the plastic spatula that comes with the mixer grinder) and let her cut the egg into pieces and tell her that it she who is making her own meal!! Don't fret at the mess. You can always cut it as per your choice before cooking.

Zini Cutting eggs

Zini cutting Capsicums (I had already cut it in long stripes)

4) In a  pan add oil (or butter) and quickly saute onions, tomatoes and any other veggie that you added.
5) Add eggs, salt and black pepper powder, mix well.
6) Turn off the heat and let your child mix it.

I even let Zini roll her own rotis to go with the curry ;)
Roti rolled by Zini (almost)..
Serve with rotis/parathas/breads and tell her that she has cooked her own meal!!

Watch her lick her plate clean!! Victory!!

Oh and here is how I boil eggs. Believe it or not, but till I had Zini I had never boiled eggs!! I don't eat them and my hubby eats omelettes!! So when I decided to feed eggs to Zini I was totally clue less about how to do it. Then I asked our resident egg boiling expert - my brother, and this is what he taught me. I am sharing it here for the benefit of those who are egg boiling noobs like me. Others can skip this..

Perfectly hard boiled Egg
Perfectly hard boiled Egg
1) Take water in a deep pan. Wash and carefully drop your egg in a pan.
3) Let the water boil and let the egg boil in that water for around 15 minutes. Depending on room temperature the time needed may vary. If you are in cold climate then egg may need more than 15 minutes.
4) After 15 minutes, turn the heat off. Let the eggs sit for around 5 minutes.
5) Drain the water and then let the egg sit for 2-3 minutes. Now peel it to get the perfect hard boiled egg!!

Very Important Notes:
1) When you are letting your child come into kitchen, be very and I mean VERY careful. Always keep an eye on her. SAFETY FIRST..
2) When you involve her in cooking please let it be very clear to your child that anything hot is off limits. Educate her about what all can be hot.
3) Also tell her that anything sharp is off limits. And she can touch the things only after asking for permission.

Simple Egg Curry
Simple Egg Curry

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