Chocolate Cake with Ganache and Whipped Cream | Chocolate Truffle Cake with Whipped Cream

Today while browsing through my pics, I saw photo of this chocolate cake that I made this Valentines' day. I had missed posting it and didn't realize it!! When I saw it today, I had to post it!! Thankfully Zini's vacation will end soon and hopefully I will get back to regular posting :)

This cake was a perfect Valentines' day treat!! It will do great as birthday cake too.. We all loved it. With chocolate sponge soaked in sugar syrup and topped with layers of chocolate and whipped cream, what's not to like?!?

I made the same sponge as I use in my Black forest cake.. You can use any sponge that you prefer..

Chocolate Truffle Cake with whipped cream
Chocolate Truffle Cake with whipped cream

1 Chocolate sponge cake (My cake weighed around 700 gms)
1 cup of broken pieces of chocolate compound (I used Morde dark chocolate compound)
1/4 cup fresh cream (malai) - For a vegan cake replace this with coconut or soy milk
1 cup unwhipped heavy cream (I used Rich's whip topping - it's dairy free)
1/2 cup Sugar syrup


1) In a pan take water and boil it. On top of it, keep a big bowl in such a way that the pan is covered. This is your double boiler.
2) In the big bowl, take chocolate pieces and keep stirring them till they melt.
3) Add fresh cream (malai) to it and beat well till you get smooth shiny mixture. Turn the heat off. Your chocolate ganache is ready.
4) Now whip the heavy cream till you get the stiff peaks.
5) Cut your chocolate sponge horizontally.
6) Take one sponge in your serving plate and sprinkle half of the sugar syrup uniformly.
7) Apply the prepared chocolate ganache on the cake.
8) Now, put other half of the cake and put it on top of the first layer of the cake.
9) Sprinkle remaining sugar syrup on this layer.
10) Apply the chocolate ganache on top of this layer too.
11) Apply the whipped cream on top of ganache.

Your cake is ready!!

1) If you are not comfortable with double boiler method for melting chocolate, you can do it in microwave. It's simpler and quicker but if you don't keep an eye on the chocolate it may get burnt!!
2) In place of whipped cream you can use butter cream icing too.
3) Whipping cream to stiff peaks takes a lot of time. Also it helps to keep your cream cool. I generally put my bowl with cream in another bigger bowl filled with ice cubes, this ensures that the cream is cool. In past I have used my hand beater to whip the cream and it used to take around 30 minutes. Now I use my hand mixer (love it) and it takes half of the time!
4) As I said you can use any sponge recipe that you like.
Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache

Chocolate Truffle Cake with whipped cream
Chocolate Truffle Cake with whipped cream
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