Chocolate, Peanut butter and dates milkshake - Ramadan Recipe - Guest post for Huma..

Huma of Gheza-e-Shiriin wanted me to do a guest post for her Ramdan series. She has an amazing collection of veg and non-veg recipes! Her pictures are lovely! However the best part about her is her warm and friendly nature!! Apart from blogging and food photography, we also talked at length about her work (she is an entrepreneur and I am impressed), her family (hails from Baroda), her 2 states (yet arranged) marraige!! I am happy to have her as a friend :)

When Huma said Ramdan, the first people to come to my mind were J Uncle, my papa's friend and his Amma!! Though I never got a chance to meet Amma, I've heard a lot of fond stories of my papa's childhood revolving around her. He would very fondly talk about how Amma would lovingly feed him and my kaka, the heavenly sheer khurma prepared by her during Ramdan and the non-veg food at her place!! Even after J uncle and his family shifted to a new place, the first thing my papa do on Eid morning every year is to call him and wish him Eid Mubarak and talk about the lovely old days!! This tradition continues till date!! May this friendship remain intact forever..

During my first job, I got a chance to see old city of Ahmedabad during Ramadan months!! Ramdan evening in old city are filled with vendor selling all kind of foods, kebabs, tikkas, bakery style cookies, dates etc.. Air is filled with festivity and people doing shopping!! Something that makes old city all the more endearing..

I thought a lot about what to make for Huma's Ramdan series. Originally I wanted to do a Sheer Khurma recipe to honour Amma but Huma already had published the recipe. So I got thinking again. I wanted to make something that would be filling enough, something that is delicious, something that would be appreciated in today's busy times yet has it's roots in tradition!! Finally I zeroed in on this milkshake. Perfect for consumption during Suhoor and Iftar meals!!

Otherwise perfect too :)!! Check out this easy peasy recipe @ her place..

+techie ZM