Ice-Cream cake or Cake Ice-cream?!?!

I am not able to decide the name of this dessert, but both these names suit it completely because it has both - the ice-cream and the chocolate cake...

It's not the regular ice-cream cake, where you have ice-cream frosting or even the one where you get a piece of cake with a scoop of ice-cream!!! It's a little tweaked recipe and gives you Popsicle like dessert...

Why i made it? because i was supposed to get guest and i was planning to make choco lava cake for dessert, but they got delayed, so from the same batter i baked regular chocolate cake and mixed it with ice-cream for a quick dessert next day!!!!

And let me tell you it tastes yummazing :) See for yourself...

Ice-cream cake
Ice Cream Cake...
Now, don't you want to make it??!!! So Please take the recipe and make it before winter starts full blown....


Vanilla Ice cream (in semi-solid state)

Chocolate cake

Cup-Cake moulds (Or Kulfi moulds will also do)

Chocolate syrup (Optional - For decoration)

Whipped cream (Optional - For decoration)

Popsicle sticks (Optional)


1) Brake your cake into crumbs.

2) In a bowl, mix ice-cream and cake crumbs thoroughly (preferably using your hands).

3) Fill in the cup-cake moulds (if you wish you can insert small dessert spoons or popsicle sticks in it, but it is completely optional).

4) Before serving freeze for 30 minutes (or till the cake sets - remember, we don't want a hard rock cake).

5) Take out and let it sit out for 5 minutes. If it became too hard in freezer then let it sit out till it gets softer.

6) I served it with chocolate sauce and whipped cream!!!! It tastes great just like that also...Take your pick and ENJOY!!!!!!


1) You can go crazy with the combination. So in place of chocolate cake you can use vanilla cake or fruit cake. Similarly experiment with different ice-creams, (Vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch...)

2) You can add nuts/raisin/chocolate chips/Chocolate shavings (or anything else that comes to your mind) to the mixture!!!!

+techie ZM

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