Kesar - Ilaichi Srhikhand

I looooooove Shrikhand, so does Zini. But i couldn't find Amul Shrikhand in Noida, and i remembered that my maasi had recently made Shrikhand at home, so i called up my maasi to ask the recipe.

This is a very easy to make dessert. Also it is very nutritious for kids (though not for weight watcher). In place of Ice-cream, i have been giving this to Zini :)

So here it is :)

Kesar Ilaichi Shrikhand...

Fresh Curd (Should not be sour)

Powdered Sugar

Elaichi Powder

Kesar (Saffron) strands soaked in warm water

Kaaju (Cashew nuts) (cut in small pieces or powder - i used powder as it removes choking hazard for Zini and i don't like to chew nuts :) )

Badam (Almonds) (again i used powder, you can choose to blanch/soak and cut it into small pieces)

Kishmish (raisins) cut into small pieces (Optional)


1) Put the fresh curd in a muslin cloth and hang it for 3 hours.

2) Once you get the hung curd, take it out in a mixing bowl.

3) Add sugar to taste and mix well. (keep tasting till you get the desired result ;) , i have thumb rule of 4 small spoons of powdered sugar for 1/2 cup of hung curd, but you can vary the amount of sugar as per your taste)

4) Beat it using a beater.

4) Add Ilaichi, Kesar, Kishmish, kaaju powder and badam powder. Mix Well.

5) Store in refrigerator at least for half an hour.

6) Before serving, mix well again.

You can garnish it with Kesar strands/ small pieces of kaaju/badam/ kishmish. Serve immediately after taking out of fridge.

Traditionally it is eaten with Puris...

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