Thank you..

Breaks and comebacks are a recurring theme on this blog.. I do take a break and disappear without any trace and then suddenly come back. This is a pattern that needs to be broken. Hopefully this time.
So any of you who are still around and are interested.. Since I disappeared, I have started working full time. I thought of sharing this information and continue with my both the blogs once I started the job and everything settled down. How naive I was… Once I started the job, the long commute (as long as it could be) didn’t leave time for anything else. Zini who was initially excited that mummy has started office, started missing me. Thankfully I have great support system at home, with hubby taking care of Zini’s study and my mom, masi and mother in law in turns coming here and staying with us to be with Zini when her parents are at work. Touchwood…
With the job started long metro commutes where I would go into semi zombie state. This also took a toll on my health. But I was thankful that I got a job after a long break of 4 years.. I was happy to get a start.  I thought that may be after a year or two I will shift somewhere nearby with more time on my hand. However I didn’t change the job. With a diverse profile (Just a kinder word for changed profile at an average of 2 years) it got difficult to get a suitable well paying job and I continue working where I was working. I thought that may be travelling by car will reduce fatigue and I got a car. Still it was the same. I saved maybe 10-15 minutes of commuting time in the evening.
I can write about my experiences at work after being back to the corporate world after such a long time. I can write about my travel experiences. But today I just want to thank you guys.. For being so forgiving, for inquiring after me and for thinking about me…
A recent encounter with a fellow blogger on a facebook group made me want to come back, connect and thank all of you..
Hope to write many more blog posts over the years. Wish me luck..