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So what all I have been doing when I was not blogging? If you saw my previous post, you know I now work full time and as a result indulge in some 4 hours long commute daily which i totally hate...
But what else has been cooking (or baking?) A lot... Cakes, breads, cookies and MACARONS!! Yes, finally got successful in baking these prettiest and classiest and tastiest cookies (if you can say so.) ever.

I had received a book called Macaron Fetish by Kim H Lim-Chodkowski published by Skyhorse publishing along with the other book called French Baker. Thank you Amanda Tufaro for choosing me..

This book is so amazingly beautiful!! full of most beautiful Mac pics and at the same time a complete troubleshooting guide and with considerable pages dedicated to detailed Q&A, not to mention, lot of in detail recipes. It follows the french method of baking macarons..

I had received this book long time back and had been brave enough at that time to try out the recipe without (HOLD YOUR BREATH).. weighing scale!! Yes, totally naive. i know.. So we won't count it as my first trial ;).

But here is my latest trial of baking macarons and a successfull one i must say... look at those lovely feet.. look at that cute bite size. .

Check them out and tell me what do you think?!! And if you are feeling brave enough and want to make it then here is the recipe..


For the Shell:

Egg white 40 gms
30 gms superfine sugar
30 gms almond meal
50 gms powdered sugar
Food colouring  (optional)

For the filling:


1) Weigh the egg whites and beat them in a steel bowl. Beat them to medium peaks.
2) Mix in the superfine sugar. Beat to stiff peaks to get the meringue.
3) Sift Almond meal and powdered sugar together.
4) Little by little mix and fold the almond mixture to the egg mixture.
5) Fold till the batter becomes smooth and flows like molten lava.
6) Fill in the piping bag and pipe on the circles on the parchment.
7) Let the macarons dry till they form a skin.
8) Bake in a pre heated oven at 150 degree c for 8 minutes.
9) let them cool down completely before touching.
10) Once cool, fill them with the filling of your choice. I filled them with chocolate ganache (mad e by mixing melted chocolate and warm cream , as much as you like)

1) It's important to let the macs cool down properly.
2) you can fill them with whatever you like. there are many possible options like preservers, jams, buttercream, ganache etc..

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