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I mentioned earlier that I have re started baking professionally.. I take order for cakes, cookies and my personal favorite breads..

But as I started work, the first thing this time was to design a logo... And I am so proud that I was able to design it myself.. It may not be very swanky, but is close to my heart and has everything that I thought it should have. It is also very special to me as Zini too contributed to it. I was stck on the design and was feeling that something was missing and then Zini gave this idea of putting everything in a pink circle with the wavy lines.. I added one more for luck and what do you know?! I had my logo!! In case you are curious about the work that I do, you can check out Classy Bakes' (that's my business' name) Facebook and Instagram pages and follow and like them, to keep track of my work...
Classy Bakes Logo
Logo for my business.. Designed and Created by me!!
And then there was no stopping!! I baked and decorated cakes, cookies, cupcakes and breads.. Loved doing them all.. Here are some of my bakes.. And I am so proud of them :)

Channel Purse Cake
Channel Purse!! Nope, it's purse cake, made by yours truly.. Psst. everything is edible! Yes! the zip, the buckle and the flap too..

Fidget Spinner Cookie.. it actually spins.. You can play with your food before eating
it ;)

Fidget Spinner Cake.. Give it a spin before cutting it.. Now available at Classy Bakes..

Mango Tree Cake
The cake done by me in my final test.. Those mangoes and those leaves kept me up at night!! And keeping the tree upright and balanced was a structural nightmare, but the engineer in me rose to the occasion and pulled it off..

Princess Cake
Princess Themed 3 Tier Cake..
Rose Rolls
Assorted Breads.. Pizza rolls and Firangi Samosas..
Fashion themed cake
Fashion themed cake for a fashionista.. A chocolate truffle cake. Everything is edible, the girl including...

Father's day cupcakes
Cupcakes to Celebrate Father's day

jungle theme cookies
Jungle Themed Cookies, with all edible decoration. They are really big at 4 inch!!

jungle theme cake pops
Cake Pops. Again jungle theme

karwachouth cupcakes
Karwa Chouth Cupcakes.. With bangles, lipstick, Sindoor, Bindi, Moon and Chunni..

Princess cupcakes with crown, pearls and glitter
Princess themed Cupcakes, with pearls and glitter..
With each passing day, I am trying to learn and implement new things. Will keep this place updated, with my learnings..